No Excuses

The past week has been busy for me. I spent a lot of time with friends. This is unusual since I can be extremely introverted at times. I love people, I just don’t like to be around people all the time. That is one way I knew my husband was “the one” – I could be around him every day and not feel the need to be alone. I used to stray away from social situations with many people because I prefer one-on-one time. Thank the Lord, I have improved in this area! I’ve always been interested in the psychology behind my personality and behaviors, and that of others. Years ago I thought being a counselor would be something I could do because I like to help people solve their problems. When it came down to it, the main reason I chose not to study Psychology and English in college was because I really did not want to be in school that long or write that many papers.

Lately, I have been reading more about personality types. I don’t remember exactly what led me to it, but my husband and I took a personality test last week. It’s call the Myers Briggs Assessment (link is here if you want to take it). The assessment is used by psychologists to determine which of the 16 personality types a person is. There are long descriptions of each type on the website with details about how each thinks in different situations (it’s not like those childish tests you can find all over the internet). Both of our results were extremely accurate. It even made me aware of things that I do that I wouldn’t have thought about (I am the ISFJ personality in case you are curious). For my husband, it brought to light things that he knew were in him, but for some reason he always felt like he was the only one who thought in those ways (he is INTP).

It brought revelation to us about ourselves, kind of like looking in a mirror. It showed us that there are other people who deal with the ups and downs of life the same way we do, and that we shouldn’t feel ashamed about who we are. But the most important thing I got from it is that although all people are more likely to act certain ways based on their personality, we should never use our personality as an excuse for staying exactly how we are. Yes, I like to spend time alone and that isn’t always a bad thing. What I should focus on though is that God put me in a place where I can, instead of being alone, choose to have wonderful friendships and experience love from different kinds of people who aren’t exactly like me. I also might be very decisive, but I shouldn’t let that cross over into being stubborn or pushy. My personality should never be an excuse for me to choose not to improve in my weak areas. In my weakness God is strong. Recognizing our strengths and weaknesses is only one part of it. If we stop there then we are missing out on so much! The best part of life is the experience of letting the Holy Spirit transform our weaknesses into something better that can be used for His glory! Change is such a beautiful thing.




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