Louisiana Outpouring

Twice each year, my church has this thing called the Louisiana Outpouring, which is happening this week. For years this event has been going on right in my city and my husband and I only started attending it less than two years ago. Let me give you a little history on how we started attending our church and the Outpouring…

I actually went to school with our pastor’s daughter for 12 years, well before he was our pastor. She was a good friend of mine and the only person my age who I truly saw Jesus in through most everything she did. She was there for me when I didn’t feel like I deserved it and loved me through some of my more difficult high school years. She always told me stories of people getting healed and radically saved, but for some reason none of this made me think “maybe I should visit her church”. I suppose it wasn’t God’s timing for me to be there yet.

We graduated high school and went to separate colleges in our area. We continued to stay in contact although we did not see each other often because of busy schedules. I met my husband as soon as I started college. Between dating and going to school full time and working, I didn’t see many other people during that time. My husband helped me understand what it meant to be “spirit-filled” and explained the gifts of the spirit and such. Once I understood these things, everything my friend had told me over the years suddenly made sense. I contacted her and told her how excited I was to finally be on a path of understanding it all and having a deeper relationship with God.

She was beyond happy for me! I knew she would be. She loves Jesus and had been praying for me to have an encounter with the Father. I thanked her for her prayers and she began to tell me more stories from her experience as a Christian. I was blown away by the things she told me. I was a Christian before but I had never heard of these things happening in our time. The things she said were like what we read about in the book of Acts. I wanted to know more, but I still did not know if I wanted to attend a church. At this time, my husband (who was my fiancé then) and I were only attending home gatherings and bible studies. I was uncomfortable with the thought of going to church only because I knew too many hypocrites who were regular church-goers and I didn’t want to be part of that.

After we got married, I really began to feel a pull on my heart to be part of a local church. We had made many friends through the home gatherings and conferences we went to, but something was missing. For me to go from avoiding churches to wanting to go to one so badly that I was begging my husband to take me, I knew something was going on in my spirit. At first, I thought maybe I was trying to put a church in the place of God. I later realized that God was placing that desire in my heart for the purpose of having healthy fellowship and seeing God’s love through people.

My husband didn’t want to go anywhere yet. So we waited for over a year and then finally started attending a church that was pastored by someone we heard about through some friends. The church was in the beginning stages of growth so there were not many people, but we felt like it was where we needed to be and we enjoyed it. We were there for about a year and learned a lot, then I had a conversation with my friend again. She told me about the Louisiana Outpouring and how her dad and usually a couple other revivalists or evangelists come speak for this three-day event. It wasn’t held at their church because it is too small to hold all the people, so a larger church in the area lets them have it in their building. I was thinking to myself “there is no way that many people go to the event every year and I’ve never heard about it”.

Well, I was very wrong. We decided to attend one day of the event and our hearts were set on fire by the Holy Spirit. I had never seen so many people in one place worshiping God! The most beautiful part was that these people weren’t doing it for what they could get out of it, but instead they worshiped because they were in love with Jesus! His Presence was so strong in that place!

We went back to our church that Sunday and shared our excitement. We knew something was different in us though. We stayed at that church for at least another 4 months but began to feel released to attend somewhere else. There was no offense toward anyone there, we could just sense that it was the end of our season there. Of course, by now I am thinking we should at least visit my friend’s church based on what we encountered at the Louisiana Outpouring. We went one Sunday and got completely messed up by the Holy Spirit (in the best way). We immediately started making friends. We had never met so many genuine people who were on fire for God more than anything else. We knew it was where God had brought us in His perfect timing.

That was over a year ago and we have been with this church ever since! My husband is an usher, I volunteer in the nursery, and we both help out with the youth group. We love every minute of it! We have even volunteered at the Louisiana Outpouring and we’ve seen a side of it that those who just attend do not get to see. Every decision for this event is made out of prayer and worship to God. It is not a show or a program. It is a chance to encounter the love of God like never before! God is still at work in America. He wants to turn people’s hearts back to Him!


At this Outpouring, Dr. David Remedios (our pastor), Rev. Sergio Scataglini, and Evangelist Nathan Morris will be speaking. This is something you do not want to miss! If you cannot attend, at least watch it live online at this website during the times listed:


Schedule: (Tentative)

Thursday: 2pm & 7pm

Friday: 9:30am & 7pm

Saturday: 9:30am





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