My thoughts on elections (as a Christian).

I don’t like politics.

Every time I say this, people automatically rule me out as having no knowledge of current events.

They misinterpret what I mean.

Just because I don’t like politics it doesn’t mean I’m completely blind. I still keep up with what’s going on in the world as much as I can and have opinions on many things in this category.

What I don’t like is how everything becomes an argument these days. People don’t talk about things by way of a normal discussion anymore. I opt out of participating in it most of the time because of this.

This post is not to tell you who I’m voting for or to judge anyone else for who they want to vote for. I respect everyone’s choice even if I don’t agree with it. That’s where they are at and I wouldn’t ask anyone to vote differently than what they feel is right. All I can do is say what I believe and pray it helps.

What I do want to do is address Christians on this because I feel that we, as a community, get it backwards way too often.

By backwards I mean we place being an American before being a Christian.

Answer this openly and honestly….

Do you think that (no matter who gets elected president) God is not aware of what is happening in the US? Do you think that He is incapable of turning all things for His glory?

Our eyes need to be on eternity and on what we can do in our everyday walk of life that will change the atmosphere around us. Our souls should cry out for the salvation of others and the furthering of His kingdom.

I see so many Christians crying out for judgement and lashing out in anger and fear because of politics. This is sad to me.

Love God and love others. That is His commandments to us. Use your life and your voice to change the hearts of those around you and direct them to Christ instead of hanging your hope on an election. God never promised us that everything would be easy for us.

What if the election of a president who leads this country down a path of destruction is what it takes to turn people’s hearts to God? I’m not saying that will be the case with any of the candidates. But if it is, would you be angry? Or would you see the opportunity God is giving us to be a light in the darkness and to bring His children home?

We must be Christians (children of God, followers of Christ, led by the Holy Spirit) before we are anything else. This is supposed to be the foundation of every decision we make after we are saved.

Our hope comes from the Lord! Not from the world.

I pray that each of you will see the purpose in the struggle in your personal life and in our nation. That you will see the vision of God’s kingdom manifest on earth and begin to approach conflict and suffering with more understanding than before. And that all fear and anger about the world and our nation’s current events will be gone in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Let me know your thoughts on this topic. Even if you aren’t from the US! I love hearing outside perspectives on these things.





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2 thoughts on “My thoughts on elections (as a Christian).

  1. Well said. I agree with you that the church does get it backwards when it comes to politics. We sometimes forget that all authority- even leaders we disagree with- are put in place by God to fulfill his purposes. We must pray for our leaders and pray God’s purposes be fulfilled.

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